Mission Statement: “To glorify God in relationships and activities, and to encourage a servant’s heart toward God, the church family, and our community.”

Who is CCW?

Christ’s Church Workers (CCW) which was created in the Summer of 2016 is what replaced the Christ’s Church Workers in keeping up with the changing times. The NEW CCW will continue the wonderful traditions enjoyed over the years, with many women and men with their legendary special recipes and fine serving talents. Our goals are to continue to work together as a church family, strive to raise the bar to the several local charities that we support, and most importantly, to increase our contributions to our very own special house of worship, Christ’s Church. The members of Christ’s Church, BOTH men and women, contribute greatly to CCW events. It is their extraordinary kindness, helpfulness, and fellowship that inspire us to “keep on keeping on.” We have shared many good times together. Our main fundraisers are salad bars and frozen pie sales. Due to our successes, and for the fourth consecutive year, the CCW has been able to provide generous monetary support to the church for special projects. In addition, the CCW contributed to the following local non-profit organizations:

  • Blackburn Center Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Noah’s Ark Child Center
  • Union Mission of Latrobe
  • Welcome Home Shelter
  • Westmoreland County Food Bank

Individually we are special, but together we are spectacular!

Current Fundraisers

As well as our popular Salad Bars we will be sponsoring the following fundraisers:

  • Pie Sales in the fall and spring.
  • Recycling of Aluminum Cans
    • We welcome your donations—one or one hundred cans—in the specially marked containers in the CE Building and undercroft. Recycling is a responsibility every day of the year. Let’s keep America beautiful!
  • Cookbooks
    • A cookbook is available for $8 with a delightful collection of “best” recipes from our church family, including memorial recipes


Next Salad Bar is Friday, November 4, 2016 from 11:00am-1:30pm.  Please Join Us!

Thank you so much for a wonderful and successful program year.


Maplewood Icing, Orange Cookies, Ravioli Bake, Mango Salad, Cranberry Salad, Mexican Stuffed Shells, Lime Jello, Cold Macaroni Salad (2), Macaroni and Cheese, Cereal Clumps, Chicken Casserole, PumpkinBars, Fruit Salsa, Sicilian Sausage Soup, Pot Roast, Super Veggies, Five-Hour Stew, Sausage and Rice CasseroleSeafood Pasta Salad